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Unlock SFR Phone ( All Models ) IMEI Unlock Code

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Unlock your SFR Phone to use on other GSM SIM Networks Worldwide Via SFR Phone IMEI Unlock Code

 SFR Phone Network unlock pin


Here we are with  network unlock code for SFR Phone. Our website provides you with the best solutions to unlock a nokia lumia phone. This is the easiest way to get SFR Phone unlock code. An  SFR Phone is locked with a single carrier which is  and everyone wants to get rid of this. It feels like you are locked in a prison so here we can give you the key for that lock. Same ways SFR Phone  is locked. The safest way is to get an unlock code and enter it into your phone. Below is the very fine process mentioned for both getting and entering the  SFR Phone sim unlock code. It will help you unlock your phone just like 1-2-3.

Procedure to get the code

Buy an unlock code for your phone from our online shop. Before getting a code for your  SFR Phone, you need to be ready with few numbers. These are:

  • IMEI number of your phone- you can find it on your phone box.
  • Phone carrier
  • You nokia lumia’s model number.


Entering the unlock code

Once you buy your unlock code for nokia lumia, you have only one thing left i.e. entering the code. You can enter the unlock code by the below mentioned procedure:-

  • Insert a non  carrier sim in your phone.
  • Now, switch ON your  SFR Phone phone and it will prompt for a code.
  • Enter the code for as many as 10 times and it will ask you for PUK code.
  • Don’t worry, now enter the unlocking code purchased by you and it will unlock your phone.


Here you are with your factory unlocked  SFR Phone. Now enjoy your unlocked phone with any carrier sim card in it.