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Nokia Lumia 520

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Unlock Time for Nokia Lumia 520 (1 - 3 Days)

Unlock your AT&T Nokia Lumia 520 to use on other GSM SIM Networks Worldwide Via USA AT&T Nokia Lumia 520 IMEI Unlock Code

USA AT&T Nokia Lumia 520 Network unlock pin


Here we are with USA at&t network unlock code for nokia lumia 520. Our website provides you with the best solutions to unlock a nokia lumia phone. This is the easiest way to get USA AT&T Nokia Lumia 520 unlock code. An at&t nokia lumia 520 is locked with a single carrier which is at&t and everyone wants to get rid of this. It feels like you are locked in a prison so here we can give you the key for that lock. Same ways nokia lumia 520 at&t is locked. The safest way is to get an unlock code and enter it into your phone. Below is the very fine process mentioned for both getting and entering the USA AT&T Nokia Lumia 520 sim unlock code. It will help you unlock your phone just like 1-2-3.

Procedure to get the code

Buy an unlock code for your phone from our online shop. Before getting a code for your USA at&t nokia lumia 520, you need to be ready with few numbers. These are:

  • IMEI number of your phone- you can find it on your phone box.
  • AT&T phone carrier
  • You nokia lumia’s model number.


Entering the unlock code

Once you buy your unlock code for USA nokia lumia at&t 520, you have only one thing left i.e. entering the code. You can enter the unlock code by the below mentioned procedure:-

  • Insert a non at&t carrier sim in your phone.
  • Now, switch ON your at&t Nokia lumia 520 phone and it will prompt for a code.
  • Enter the code for as many as 10 times and it will ask you for PUK code.
  • Don’t worry, now enter the unlocking code purchased by you and it will unlock your phone.

Here you are with your factory unlocked USA at&t Nokia lumia 520. Now enjoy your unlocked phone with any carrier sim card in it.