The iPhone 6 and the Buzz All Around

There are rumors everywhere regarding the newest member of the iPhone family i.e. iPhone 6. The size of the iPhone 6, its features, its camera, its design, its slimness and sleekness, everything is being discussed about it. There are rumors related to its releasing date, design, Operating System and similar things. So what really are some of the new features and characteristics in the latest iPhone that is soon to be released? You surely not have forgotten all the hot news that were being heard when iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C were on the verge of getting released. Now, once again, Apple is soon going to launch their latest flagship smartphone’s latest model and there are a number of rumors about it.

Similar to the previous releases from Apple, it seems like it is again going to launch two models of their iPhone. One of them would be for the elite that will be the symbol of class as iPhone 5S and the other would be a bit cheaper like iPhone 5C. But, it has not yet revealed that on what basis the cheaper iPhone will be less expensive. As 5C was made of plastic and looked quite indecent that became the reason of its failure. So, this time Apple may not make their cheaper phone with plastic, although, they might tend to reduce the price by reducing the display size.

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It is expected that the latest iPhone 6 may be bigger than the previously launched phones from Apple and it has the display of about 5.5 inches. On the other hand, there are some indications that the cheaper phone of the lot may have a display size of 4.7 inches. As Apple is looking to increase the size of their device, there are rumors that the world may witness now the slimmest smartphone ever. It is said that Apple has focused especially on the camera on the latest iPhone. The previous iPhone was 8 megapixel, but, still had amazing results, now, Apple probably has opted for 12 megapixel camera that will surely have a mind blowing results.

There is a possibility that the latest iPhone 6 might be equipped with the ‘Touch-on’ display technology.  That means that the touch sensors would not be placed behind the glass, but, over the glass. This will increase the responsiveness and the sensitivity of the touch. Above all, it will enhance the picture quality that will improve the users’ experience and may benefit Apple big time. Apple has never compromised on security and it is expected that their latest iOS 8 will also be as secure as it was and Folder Lock for iPhone will make it securer as it has done in the past.

The new member of iPhone family is expected to be released somewhere around August. The cheaper edition of the iPhone 6 that is expected to have a screen size of 4.7 inches might be launched in August. However, the phablet of Apple that is likely to have a 5.5 inch display with tons of new features may be launched in the fourth quarter of the year near the holidays. The insider sources of Apple have said that they are expecting a rise in sales of the iPhone up to 20 percent as compared to the previously launched iPhone 5S. The iPhone 6 will surely be a a phone to look for and it may outclass Samsung’s Galaxy S5 with its news features.

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