Windows Phone 7 Vs Nexus Vs Iphone. Phone's Dog Fight

The Fight Begins between 3 under Dogs, Google’s Nexus, Apple’s iPhone and Windows Phone 7.

Will Windows Phone 7 win/beat Apple iPhone and Google Nexus? It is heard that microsoft has totally changed the look, feel, touch and software in Windows Phone 7 Series, a weird name chosen by Microsoft. Let me discuss some points here. Comment below if u agree or disagree or even if you are neutral.

Which one is better? Who will win the battle? What is the future?

My research and thoughts on 3 phones so far. I am talking about the best phones we have including the soon being released windows phone 7.

1. Apple has the largest App store where iPhone users can find whatever they want. Google is catching up with apps and it is doing pretty good. Not to mention the Google Navigator on Android 2.0 and a whole bunch of never seen amazing apps like the Google “Goggles” and many more. And by the way, all the Google maps used in iPhone’s GPS and maps is actually Google’s own production. The only thing Google’s Nexus is missing is the games. And hopefully, Google knows how to do it. We yet, don’t know much about Windows Phone 7. Heard, they call it hubs and are in-built. We don’t want Microsoft to have us pay for each and every apps they make. For some years, Microsoft will definitely loose in application development.

So, currently, Apple wins in the case of Apps and Games currently available.


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2. Apple’s 3GS has no flash player. Stupid Apple doesn’t know how to do it when it really knows how to make the iPhone better for web surfing. And again, web surfing without flash is a looser. Google does it very well. Windows phone 7 will surely have it. And, if you have flash, you don’t even need a long collection of games since you can easily play flash games on big flash game sites like “” and so…

It’s clear that Web integration and surfing is better in Google’s Nexus. Google owns the most useful and powerful search engine and knows how to make the surfing experience better.

So, Google Nexus wins in this case.

3. Ok, now lets go to Customization. We don’t want a dummy phone that displays the same screen every time we unlock our phone. I guess, Steve Jobs and Apple is working on that. Go on Steve and think about it. Google’s Nexus interface and customization feature is so perfect. Customization is freedom. In Nexus, i can have a BIG clock on the home screen or a BIG weather forecast or even my face-book widget. I can have small icons to fit many widgets or I can use 7 home screens where i can place my most used widgets. Google does it so perfectly. Apple iPhone looks dummy. No customization. And it looks so pale.

Windows Phone 7 screen-shots look impressive. Probably windows phone 7 will have the best interface and customization feature. We have to wait until it gets released.

So, Google Nexus wins again.

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4. What about Multi-Tasking? What if Apple comes up with new iphone with in-built flash player and customization feature in its next version? Do i need to stay in line for hours in front of the Apple show room to buy it? How much do I need to pay again? Do i need to pay couple of hundred bucks every six months when Apple adds a new feature and calls it 4GS and then 5GS and so on????

Well, Google knows consumers can’t afford to buy a new phone for every added features. We can download the latest android OS and update or phone. So, if I have a HTC hero with Google 1.5 then I can update it with android 2.0 when it is published. When i update it (and its free), i will have a new phone. I can covert my old HTC Hero into Nexus. Windows Phone 7 is also flexible in this case as we have seen in the past with its Windows Mobile versions.

So, again Google wins.

So, overall Google Nexus is the future for now. It already has flash, 5 MP camera, multitasking, customization and all the maps and perfect navigation. Google Android also has a huge market place for apps and they have fewer aps than Apple but they have amazing and useful apps and it’s increasing every hour.

Apple’s iPhone will be dead soon. If you don’t believe me, watch the sales going down. Windows Mobile 7 will compete for sure BUT finally, it has to loose anyways. Microsoft doesn’t have the consumers DNA and doesn’t know what people really want. So, my final thoughts:

“Google will Rule the Mobile Phone Market.” GOOGLE IS THE WINNER!!!

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