When will AT & T release Iphone 6 in 2014

10 days after the launch ceremony of Apple IPhone 6, on 19 September IPhone 6 was available on AT&T. Apple preserves its tradition of releasing IPhone for customers after 10 days of its launching ceremony. Apple released its IPhone 6 in 10 territories .At about 8 am in the morning AT&T released the IPhone for common consumer. People were waiting in the queue for more than 12 hours to get their IPhone. The first person from Australia who buys the IPhone 6 from AT&T was waiting in the queue for 12 hours.


On 19 September, stock of IPhone 6 vanishes at AT&T in about 45 minutes. It is reported that more than 4 million IPhone 6 was pre ordered within 24 hours of its availability which is twice that of the IPhone 5s, says Apple.

Streamlined design, Gaze detection, amazing camera, powerful processor and increased storage are some of the main reasons which are attracting consumers to buy the IPhone 6. And of course Apple IPhone has its own unique value than any other smartphone doesn’t have.

Which career to choose for your IPhone at its release date?

Well I should recommend you to buy Apple IPhone from AT&T on its release date. The reason is that AT&T has come with some whooping offers for his customers. There are some trade in and finance offers also available there. This time they are not discriminating them on the basis of new or old customers. The second reason is that they are assuring you to send your IPhone as fast as they can and I think I should not talk about the quality service of AT&T. I think everyone is already aware of it.

IPhone 6 price according to AT&T

Apple IPhone 6 (4.7 inch) can be purchased at the price of $199 on contract for 16 GB. Other versions of 64 GB and 128 Gb can be purchased at the price tag of $299 and $399 respectively. Each model is available in Silver, gold and space colour, just like IPhone 5S.

Apple IPhone can be purchased now through stores and various online channels, including Apple store. At present stocks are vanishing so quickly at stores. So you have to wait for at least 1 week after the order of your brand new IPhone 6. Apple assures that by the end of 2014 IPhone 6 will be available for 115 countries.

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