Whooping at&t plans for new iPhone6 buyers

Apple is now acquiring one of its highest peaks today. Craze of IPhone 6 can be assumed with the fact that more than 4 million IPhone 6 were pre-ordered within 24 hours. If you also want your brand new IPhone 6 but you are already having an old IPhone then I will introduce to the killer plans of AT&T which will definitely convince you to buy new IPhone 6.


Do you want to upgrade to IPhone 6?

If you have Apple IPhone 4S or older and its battery life is not that much good but its condition is decent then you can get some good discount at AT&T for your new IPhone 6. But if you have IPhone  5 or 5S then you can get your new IPhone 6 on more cheap rates from AT&T. Base price (without any discount) of IPhone 6 is $199, $299 and $399 for 16Gb, 64GB and 128 GB respectively.

Reasons to buy IPhone 6 from AT&T (Cool trade in offers)

  • They are offering minimum $300 credit for IPhone 5s and minimum $200 credit for IPhone 5c, 4S and 4. This offer is only available from 12 September to 30 September.
  • AT&T next customers has opportunity to get brand new smart phone every year with no down payment, no activation fee and no financing fees. They can get down payment of as low as $0 and can pay $27.05 monthly. This offer is only available for existing AT&T customers. They can replace their previous phone on their account and can get brand new IPhone 6.

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