Top iPhone 4 Accessories

Once you have purchased an iPhone, the possibilities are endless on the types of accessories you can find. Accessories can serve a dual purpose; they not only protect your investment, but also enhance the features of your iPhone. Keep in mind, when you choose accessories for your iPhone, check what models they are compatible with. Look at all series and models listed with the manufacturer information in order to avoid an unnecessary return of the product to the company. In general, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S can use the same accessories, while the iPhone 3GS may not be compatible, especially with Cases.

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1. iPhone Car Charger

One of your first accessory purchases will likely be an iPhone car charger. If you plan to use the gadget often, this is essential for extending battery life while on the go. Car chargers are available that also sync your iPhone while in use. Additionally, customers appreciate the car chargers that function as a music player to listen to your iTunes library during your drive. Chargers for the iPhone with dual USB ports permit charging of multiple devices at once. An iPhone solar charger will collect energy through the solar cells to keep the device charged when outlet power is not available.

2. Covers and Cases for iPhone

One of the requirements when shopping for iPhone 4 covers is to find products which can withstand wear and tear without causing damage to your phone. The best covers will be made of highly durable materials such as rubber, carbon fiber and hard plastic. With iPhone 4s cases and covers you may need to get a new one if you previously owned an iPhone 4. Sprint and Verizon iPhone 4 cases may not fit the iPhone 4s although the phones look seemingly identical.

3. iPhone Docking Station

Docking stations for the iPhone have multiple purposes. Most brands act as chargers while others contain back-up batteries to use while your battery is charging. It also features hands-free viewing of videos and web pages.  Many docking stations also come with speakers and an alarm clock.

4. iPhone Charging Case

It is a real pain to replace iPhone batteries An innovative new entry into the accessory market for iPhones is the charging case. Along with many of the other must-have iPhone accessories, the iPhone 4 charging case has multiple purposes. The cases act as an external power source while the shell protects the phone from dirt, dust and damage from scratches and falls.

5. Mini Keyboard for iPhone

Not everyone prefers to type on the virtual keyboard which comes standard on the iPhone. An alternative is to purchase a mini keyboard to work with the device. You can use wireless versions that connect via Bluetooth or a plug and play type. It can be essential for composing long documents or sending lengthy emails.

6. iPhone External Battery

An external battery for the iPhone can be purchased to help give users an option to charge their iPhone battery in case they have no access to a wall or car chargers.  You use your existing charger to charge backup batteries.  Once ready they become portable chargers.  Then, when your cell phone battery starts to die you plug in the backup battery and it will fully charge your iPhone.

7. iPhone Headphones with Mic

Although traditional headsets are commonplace with iPhones, newer models have made them essential to iPhone owners. Along with Bluetooth versions, there are headsets that feature an old-fashioned phone which plugs into the jack of your iPhone.

8. iPhone FM Transmitter

FM transmitters for iPhones are an inexpensive accessory used to play your iTunes library over the speakers of your radio. An empty radio station is found and your iPhone plays through the radio when you’re tuned to the station.

9. Wireless Speakers for iPhone

Wireless speakers use Bluetooth to connect with your iPhone. Set the wireless speakers anywhere within a reasonable distance of your phone and play your music. Wireless speakers provide improved sound quality for your music.  Another wireless speaker option for the iPhone are Bluetooth Receivers.  These devices transform any Headphone, Headset or Speaker into a wireless headset or speaker with the provided 3.5mm input.

10.iPhone Car Mount

A car mount is not only crucial for listening to music or watching videos; you’ll also need a car mount to use the GPS features of your iPhone. Consumers find it is much easier to follow turn by turn directions or view maps while the iPhone is mounted on the dashboard of the vehicle.

There are hundreds of others iPhone accessories to choose from with more brands and types entering the market regularly. We would love to hear what favorite accessories our readers are using!

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