Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Which is the Best?

Smartphones have ignited the trend of possessing larger screens in recent past and every OEM has shifted its focus towards manufacturing hundreds of them. Whether it’s an extension of the existing product line or the introduction of an entirely new product series, users are always benefited with smarter products at competitive price. Since two Apple’s Smartphones iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have made an outstanding entry into the global Smartphone markets during September 2014, the competition is going to be tougher than ever.

Many of the online stores and retailers are offering exciting iPhone 6 deals to ensure that you have one before anyone else in the family does. Apple iPhone 6 Plus offers direct competition to the battle of the flagship smartphones by majorly challenging Samsung’s Galaxy Smartphone series.

The phablet-sized iPhone 6 Plus features a display that is as big as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, hence, let’s compare both of them to find out how they differ.

1.    Price

The Galaxy Note 4 is made available at a hefty price of $749 (source: T-mobile) for 32 GB without any carrier contract, while the iPhone 6 Plus is even more expensive. Making a promising entry with some of the exciting features, the phablet by Apple is available with the same price tag of $749 (T-mobile) for a 16 GB model without any carrier contract. T-mobile is the only provider that is offering iPhone deals without any carrier contract however, Note 4 is available for the sole purchase from various other vendors.

Apple is offering iPhones in three different storage capacities, which is one of the strongest features of the iPhone series. It is once again combating with Note 4 as it comes with a single model approach.

2.    Design

Apple always focuses on making its products better and innovative, thus, the latest iPhone is much thinner than its predecessor and possesses only 7.1mm thickness with weight of 172 g. On the other hand, the Galaxy phablet is not much thicker at 8.5 mm and a bit heavier at 176 g. Samsung’s device comes with a metal edge nicely paired with a faux leather rear cover, on the contrast, iPhone’s build still features a nice combination of glass and aluminum with rounded edges.

In this parameter, the iPhone 6 Plus features a noticeably attractive and elegant look, but feels delicate when handling, while the Note 4 carries a rough and tough build that feels more durable.

3.    Screen

Both the smartphones come with a 5.5in display, and there is no difference in size. The next big thing for a fair comparison is the screen resolution that both the Smartphones are offering. The latest iPhone has got the highest resolution and pixel density, when compared with any smartphone Apple has produced in the past. Coming with the Retina HD display, the usage of Full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels) and a pixel density of 401 ppi will surely encourage you to buy the new iPhone 6 Plus. Samsung has chosen a Quad HD display with a screen resolution of 1440 x 2650 pixels and a pixel density of 515 ppi.

Samsung’s phone outpaces its rival with significant leap with its excellent screen resolution and display pixel density.

4.    Processor and GPU

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with a 2.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor nicely paired with 64-bit architecture. The Samsung’s device is coming with a built-in support for 64-bit architecture therefore, the device is ready for Android L.

The phone has 3 GB of RAM and is capable of handling constant browsing, video streaming, and playing music files. On the other hand, Apple iPhone 6 Plus comes with an A8 chip, and a 64-bit ARM-based processor, with only 1 GB of RAM. However, the device by the company also comes with an M8 co-processor that can now detect activity types and boost overall performance.

The Galaxy Note 4 looks as a winner on paper, but the reality is quite different. While looking for iPhone 6 deals always remember that the iPhone series itself is known for its hassle-free performance and excellent speed.

5.    Storage and Cameras

The only limitation with the Note 4 is its availability in just one model possessing a storage space of 32 GB. While in contrast, Apple offers its smartphone in 16, 64 and 128 GB models to cater various storage needs of the users. The Galaxy Note 4 features a 16 Mp rear-facing camera with Smart OIS (optical image stabilisation) and HDR mode. But, Apple has again got itself stuck with the same 8 Mp iSight camera, although it comes with Face detection, auto focus, and optical image stabilization features.

Undoubtedly, the Note 4 has the greater megapixel on paper, but the Apple’s device is more responsive and comes with more features. Availability of the better and more storage options makes Apple iPhone 6 a better device to own.


In this guide about the best phablet you can buy, you have studied all the major comparison between the Apple’s iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, the two hottest rivals in the tablet market. Apple iPhone 6 Plus is offering better storage options, enhanced overall performance, and Retina HD display, while the Galaxy Note 4 holds better build, a durable appeal, and excellent pixel and screen resolution. Each one of them differs from each other on various parameters and has usability and identity of their own. Trendy, performance-oriented, and better storage desired users can buy iPhone 6 Plus, while Note 4 caters to budget-friendly, and not-so concerned performance oriented users.

Author: Polly M Quinton

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