Nokia Lumia 800

With beautiful design and seamless body the Nokia Lumia 800 really is one of a kind. 

One touch Social Networking means you have all your friends at the touch of a button. Keep up with events for special occassions and never miss all the best events with reminders from Facebook, respond to friends requests, Twitter followers and event invites, upload pictures straight from your mobile, one click and you can share them with the world and just generally keep up with what friends are up to. All this from one button, no more loading up your computer just to check what has been written.

Internet Explorer 9 means you can shop on the internet, look up important information or general knowledge and browse at your leisure at the worlds news or top stories with amazing speed and quality. You can now play games instead of waiting for them to download and enjoy the greatest features of the Nokia Lumia 800 without hassle.

The Nokia Lumia 800 also features a 1.4GHz processor so completing simple tasks like sending messages, loading up a calendar or calculator, taking photos and loading the camera can be done at exceptional speed. You will never miss a photo opportunity and never have to wait around for things to load. 

Your photos that you take on the Nokia Lumia 800 can be sensational with the features the built in 8MP camera has. 8MP so your photo is of vivid clarity, Dual LED Flash so even in the darkest of lights your photos are still bright and beautiful, touch focus and automatic motion blur reduction so your photos will never be wasted with horrible blurriness and unnoticeable people. Geo Tagging is now available so when you take a photo you can tag where abouts you took it and add more photos if more are taken at the same place.


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