Monthly subscription services cost $100 million to AT&T

The Federal Communications Commission has billed AT&T in excess of $100 million for the unwanted monthly services it has been offering to the customers for a long time now.

The case was pending with FTC for top mobile companies including TMobile, AT&T & Sprint. They have been adding to the bills of the consumers unnecessarily every month. This costs them a huge extra billing that is hidden in form of “monthly subscriptions”.

The consumers had been complaining about this for a very long time, and they finally have some relief since the company has now agreed to pay refund to the present customers. The users lodged their complaint on the official website of FTC and through other such agencies, when finally FTC paid them what they deserved.


The actual refund amount is $80 millions, and the rest is the penalty fee. Though AT&T ignored consumer complaints for a long time, it had to face the music this time to prevent its reputation in the market from going down.

In 2011 year alone, AT&T got over 1.3 million calls from users for the third party charges they had to incur in their bills. That’s huge – really huge!

AT&T tightened its refund policy in 2011, which made it even harder for users to lodge the complaint officially & much harder to get the possible refunds.

Anyways this is a good news for all the customers for future, as now they have someone backing them in this regard and they can rest assured to see things going in their favor when anything like this is repeated in future.

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