Iphone Fixes To Try Yourself

If you have a broken iPhone then this can be very distressing and you are likely to feel almost naked and out of the loop without your constant Twitter updates and your 24/7 e-mail access. In fact if you have become reliant on being able to reply to e-mails on the go and if people have begun to expect it of you then it can even get you into trouble at work or in relationships, making it paramount that you get your iPhone repairs as quickly as possible.

If you have a broken iPhone screen then there is likely not much you can do to repair the problem. However if you need iPhone repairs because it has crashed, or because it won’t turn on, or because you cannot use your phone as a phone, then there may be some iPhone repairs you can try yourself first.

The first thing to try if your iPhone has frozen is a hard reset, and this can repair many problems with an iPhone. To perform a hard reset, simply hold down the power button on your phone. Don’t just press it as you would to turn it off, but hold it for a long period and you should see the ‘thinking’ image come up and start rotating before it completely powers off. Leave it for a few seconds and then hold the power button again to turn it back on.

If this doesn’t work then your iPhone may have crashed more severely and unfortunately Apple’s design means you are unable to remove the battery pack yourself. If this is the problem then fix it by leaving the phone to one side for a day or two until it runs out of battery then try loading it back up. This can take a while however so it may be quicker in this case to just take it in for iPhone repairs. In some cases plugging it into the mains can ‘kickstart’ it back into life.

If the problem is with your phone functionality then your SIM card may not be working. This might be because the metal on the card is not contacting with the metal pins. If this is the case then you may simply have dust in the slot which can be getting in the way of the contacts and acting as an insulator thereby preventing the phone from reading the card. Pull out the SIM card then and try blowing on it and gently rubbing the metal at the back. Likewise try blowing into the slot itself to remove dust.

In some cases if the problem with your iPhone is related to the software or things you have downloaded then you might be able to fix your iPhone by re-syncing it with your PC which will restore your files. This can be useful too as a type of backup if you have lost files. Simply load up iTunes on your computer and then plug your iPhone in using the USB and you will be given the option to sync the computer and the phone.

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