How to unlock the Nokia Lumia 800

Like most phones, the best method for unlocking the Nokia Lumia 800 is with the use of an unlock code. A lot of Nokia handsets are available for unlocking with the use of software, but due to the nature of computers (and how frustrating they can be) unlock codes cause the least headaches.

The only real difference being between them is either the price or the time that it takes to get the solution delivered to you. For unlock codes, the phones IMEI has to be processed and generated between network and manufacturer, which can take some time. A software does have the benefit that you can just download it, enter your instantly generated login details and unlock your phone.

Many might not understand unlocking too well however and be wary of some of the software that are used. Mobile unlocking isn’t an industry that shares the best of public images, which is actually a terrible thing as it is completely legal and everyone should have the right to choose whichever network they want. The handsets are currently locked by the network that originally sells them (often for free or very reduced price) in order to stop you using their competitors. Something I don’t think is very cool at all. But there are ways to free your mobile phone and start journeying in the world of “other networks”.

So once you’ve got an unlock code, what do you do? You may even not yet have an unlock code, but want a taster of the process before making that purchase decision. This should help both of you.

1 – Switch ON your phone without SIM Card
2 – Compose #PW+CODE+1#

Where it says “CODE” above, this is where you enter your unlock code btw.

(if it’s locked from Fido/Roger Canada, compose#PW+CODE+7#)

The letter P will then appear, after press 3 times quickly the button star ( * )
Then the letter W appears, after press 4 times quickly the button star ( * )
Fianlly, the symbol + appear, after press 2 times quickly the button star ( * )

3 – The phone show “SIM Restriction Off” and was unlocked!

Simple! No playing around in menu’s and looking for hidden phone screens. Just a simple code and some * pressing.

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