How to Phone Unlock a Nokia Handset

Normally when you buy a cell phone in your local retail phone store, it will be locked to the company that sold it or is locked to a certain network provider. For example, if you buy a Nokia phone from AT&T, the only services that you can use are those from AT&T. If you have a GSM phone (cell phones that comes with a SIM card), you cannot use it with any other SIM card unless you unlock it.
There are certain companies that offer phone unlocking services, but you can try to do it yourself. Gathering resources and information might just allow you to try phone unlocking without professional help and paying any fee.
How to Unlock a Phone:
Ask your service provider; some people might not know this, but you can actually call up your service provider and request for the unlock code. If you have been a client of a cell phone company for quite a while, you can actually get an unlock code for your Nokia phone at no cost. A lot of people miss out trying this method; you might just get an unlock code so easily without paying anything.
Research for the unlock code online; unlock codes can be generated via a software that you can easily download over the Internet. Most of these software programs can be downloaded for free. There are also paid softwares that you can use with technical support in case you need it.
You need to know the serial number of your cell phone or its IMEI number. You can find the IMEI number at the back of your phone just beneath the battery. Another way of getting the IMEI number of your Nokia phone is by typing in *#06# on your cell phone and your IMEI number will appear on screen.
With the software that you downloaded, enter Nokia as manufacturer and get your unlock code. Remove the SIM card from your cell phone and put it back on. Turn on your phone and you will read “Insert SIM card”. Using the codes you have, enter all the symbols and characters without any spaces.
A Nokia phone of a certain model will only need one unlock code. If you reach the right unlock code, your phone will display “Restriction Off”, “SIM is not restricted” or a similar message. If you do not get this type of messages on your phone, try other unlock codes.
There are certain models of Nokia that cannot be unlocked by a simple code. The phone will display the message “Cannot undo restrictions”, which basically means that the phone is hard locked and there is no means to unlock it with a code. If this is the case, you can use professional phone unlocking services that you can find online or go to your nearest local cell phone technician for help. You can try to search the web for reputable company that offers phone unlocking services.

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