Hassle – Free Ways to Unlock Phone

Nowadays post paid plans are your only options if you want to get the latest smart phones. Most smart phones nowadays are more than just texting and calling tools. They require data connection and this is where the plans are very useful. You can get a data plan and get the phone for free at a subsidized price. This is a way for carriers to appeal to the customers. Most phone brands affiliate certain mobile phones to particular mobile carriers. Each carrier will then lock the phone for business purposes. If the phone can be easily used for other SIM cards, then there is no use making a contract.

Once you finish paying off the entire cost of the mobile phone and you also finished the contract, you can make a decision to unlock phone. However, it takes special steps, sometimes, complicated ones to unlock the phone and make it useful for different SIM cards or for cheaper data plans.

Phone Unlock services
If you are not very confident about unlocking the phone yourself, then getting someone else to do it for you can do the job. In this case, you have to search online for companies that offer this service. You might need to send the phone to the company. And this way, they will do the process for you for a fee. The good thing about this service is that you do not have to worry about the complications of losing your data or messing up the whole unlock process. You can also spare yourself from getting important codes like the IMEI and the MEP or the unlock code. Once the company is done with the unlock, they will notify you and send the phone back to your address.

Software programs
There are some programs that automatically searches for the code. Again, this is a paid product and you need to purchase it online. There may be some apps available on the web that allows you to find the MEP and IMEI. Most software programs are opened on the computer and you need to connect your phone to the PC or laptop. From there the software does its job and they can find the code and unlock the phone. Some people are hesitant about using such programs because of the possible risks of losing data.

Doing it yourself is a good way to practice your technical skills. However, you have to research for the unlock code on your own. Each mobile company has their own unique coding system. Do not use the code of others. In some cases, after a few tries, if you did not successfully unlock the phone, the carrier can lock it permanently and so you are stuck with it on that particular carrier.

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