Getting You Comfortable With Your Unlocked iPhone

If you’re just about to throw your locked iPhone at the wall due to user frustration, you’re reading this in the nick of time. Your iPhone doesn’t have to be a thing of mystery. The article below can help you master your unlocked iPhone and make it a thing of beauty rather than something to be reviled.

How to make iPhone using easy? This question was the first on my mind after I bought this Apple device. But when I found out that my iPhone is locked to AT&T I realized that there is no official way to use other SIM cards. Well, here I will answer on that question because now I enjoy all iPhone features and factory unlock. 

If you have been longing for a convenient, accurate and user-friendly way to track your workouts and your fitness progress, the unlocked iPhone has the answer you have been seeking. By downloading one of the many highly-rated exercise-focused applications, you can kick-start your weight loss program and keep yourself accountable along the way.

Would you like a quick and efficient way to delete emails on your iPhone? It is simple with this quick technique. Just swipe across an email with your finger, and you can delete it. If it is a Gmail account, you can adjust the settings so this swipe archives the message instead of deleting it.

Tap and hold any one icon on your iPhone screen, and you will begin to see them dance. You can then move them around, group them into folders or even delete those that you do not want. This is a simple way to keep your screens organized and your apps ready to use.

If your contacts do not use an iPhone, they may incur charges for receiving text messages longer than 160 characters. Access your phone’s settings, then select the Messages screen. Finally, turn on character count. This will display the number of characters used while you tap out a text message. This allows your friends to communicate with you without incurring additional fees.

But what you can do with factory unlocked iPhone:

Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, you should be as in love with your unlocked iPhone as the day you took it out of the unlocking package. No longer do you have to be scared of this untamed technology. You have the power over your iPhone. It’s you that’s in control.

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