Double Data Offer for Family Plans from At&t

At&t network carrier is offering a great deal to double data plan for family. If you have a family plan of say $160 that gives you 15 GB data, now with this deal from At&t, you will get 30 GB data for the same price i.e. $160. Isn’t it a great deal. But the offer is valid for only upto the deals before 31st October 2014. But the plan will continue till you need to increase your monthly data usage beyond say 30 GB.

The Race for the best Network Carrier

This latest plan along with some of the other very attractive plans from the company is only the after effects of the competition going on in the United States to be the best network carrier in the country.

The companies in United States are offering these amazing deals to the users to attract maximum users to their network to get among the best network carrier company in the region.

Some of the amazing deals by At&t

Here we list some of the amazng deakls by at&t to attract customers towards them. Have a look at someof teh double monthly data pack plan offered by the company.

Monthly Charge Initial Data Pack New Data Pack
$130 15 GB 30 Gb
$150 20 GB 40 GB
$225 30 GB 60 GB
$300 40 GB 80 GB

So, what are you waiting just quickly grab one of these best At&t Double Data Family Plan now.

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