Cydia for iOS 9 – review

Before expanding the topic lets go through more about cydia and IOS what are they? How are they useful?


All most all the users of iDevice wishes to have Cydia on their very own iDevice what made them go crazy towards it?

Will be the question roaming out right now, this software created an immense change in the market of software world

 Now the company SaurikIT which created this software app is earning billions of dollars through this app as long ago in February 2008 Jay Freeman who is known as Saurik created this app

His creation filled the content of its users those who long for an unlimited apps was overjoyed to get Cydia

As the jailbreaking process is a needed task to get Cydia people are more eager to jailbreak their iDevice in place to get Cydia

Cydia is considered as an App store for Jailbroken iDevices it is running in the process as an Advance Packaging Tool (APT)

Jailbreak as the name itself had a statement as free bird crossing the bound

As in Apple App store there are some limited applications you might sometimes not get what you wish for so break the prison legally and expand your iDevice through jailbreaking it

When you jailbreak your iDevice then you could get Cydia right at the homescreen

There are many free apps as well as paid apps

But you will get what you long for from the third party app

Install cydia on your screen and select user you could set a background either and just type and go on

Crossing the limit is jailbreaking and getting what you seek is Cydia. 

iOS 9 

iOS are the firmwares introduced by the Apple for its users as the competition in the field of devices are reaching the peak each company needs to provide something innovative as well as impressive for it users

Latest buzz at the current field is iOS 9 release date confirmed by the Apple source the users hoping for unimaginable features

As the buzz going the town all users hoping to get Cydia easily to their iDevice as the teams like Pangu and TaiG

now integrated Cydia along with it so as per my opinion all is so well as iOS 9 comes along with tons of features and cydia is been ready for the process the ways will be simpler and easier so stay ahead we will be posting the methods as soon s the release takes place.

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