At&t shipping delay for iPhone6 & iPhone6 Plus

AT&T showed out of stock message to those customers who try to pre-order after 3 am. And the customers who got successful were unable to get their IPhone until now. There are lots of customers who were really frustrated as they ordered their IPhone 6 within 45 minutes but still they will get their after a delay of 1-2 weeks. The condition is even worst for those who order IPhone 6 Plus, those will get their giant 5.5 inch IPhone after 3-4 weeks.


AT&T already gave an official statement regarding delay. They said the demand of IPhone 6 especially IPhone 6 plus is very far above expectation. But still they are trying to deliver the IPhone as fast as possible. Consumers can do nothing but to wait for their delivery of their IPhone.

Delivery of IPhone 6 plus may take more time

Community forum is filling with lots of questions about their delivery date. They are receiving a lot of complaints about the exact time of delivery. On this AT&T clearly says for the IPhone 6 (4.7 inch), it will be delivered within 1-2 weeks and for IPhone 6 Plus consumer can expect it after 4-5 weeks. If you already pre ordered your IPhone then you may receive an email regarding expected delivery of your smartphone.

This delay in the supply is eventually spoiling the fun of consumer to buy their latest IPhone 6. For the other countries like China which is the largest hub of smartphone in the world can expect the arrival of IPhone 6 until the end of this year.

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