AT&T contacts law enforcement after data breach

The security of a user is & should be of utmost importance to any company especially for whom the trust of users is very important in order to take the business forward in the competitive market.

Social security numbers & driving license numbers of around 1600 AT&T customers were compromised when one of the employees took the privacy policy of the company in his hands.

According to the reports, the company got a shock when it got to know that the database of 1600 users was compromised by one the employees even when there is a rule against it.

The company immediately contacted the law enforcements, fired the employee and reported this information to its users so they can be on alert. Additionally the company has warned the users to keep their security accounts on alert against any unknown or strange activity in order to stay safe.


This is not the first time such a thing has happened. Earlier such cases have been frequent with many mobile network carrier companies and the case of AT&T has refreshed it. Anyways the company told a leading online news website that it is very much careful about such breaches and will take strict actions.

AT&T is one the most major network carriers in USA and it offers its services to millions of customers. It has a good name among users due to its effective services, and good network coverage.

The recent case also made AT&T senior staff official to apologize publically & he assured that such a case would never repeat in future.

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