Apple Iphone 6 Has Done it Again and Gave us a Revolutionary Device

The newly launched Apple’s iPhone 6 appears to be highly anticipated device of 2014. An entirely uneventful year, without having Apple floor a new smartphone, has been full of rumours and contradictory reports. And finally the next iPhone is here. As speculated, Apple was supposed to sell two different versions of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 has been in the limelight ever since the launch of the iPhone 5. There have been a bundle of reports on the specifications, features and price of the flagship phone of Apple. Launch of the smartphones brought with themselves a wave of discussions and deliberations.

when the iphone 6 was launched in Dubai on September 19, it attracted many a people to purchase the phone. According to local dealer, people flew from different cities to grab the phones. The excitement was further mounting. It was claimed by Apple that iphone 6 would have unique features. To know what features iphone 6 is embodying, let’s take a glimpse at its specifications.

Apple has feather in cap being pioneer in manufacturing larger screens, beginning from a 3.5 inches screen to the 4 inches iPhone 5 and staying there for the 5S. and even bigger screen of 4.7 inches iPhone 6. The iPhone 6’s headline features its 4.7 inches big display. And with good reason: Apple had only ever increased its screen size once before that was from 3.5 inches to 4 inches.

For many people, 4.7 inches will be an ideal size: big enough to experience a better viewing and gaming, without being so vaguely big that you can’t use it comfortably. however, of course, none of that matters if the quality is not ensured. Obviously, the enlarged screen size is the prominent change, but it’s far from having the only visual difference. Like the HTC One, the iPhone 6 has entire metal back with curved edges front and back rather than the flat, 90-degree edges on the 5S. As with resolution, the iPhone 6 is prominently warmer. In addition, the iPhone 6 is powered by a 64-bit A8 processor which makes the phone 25 percent faster than the A7. Apple has also added M8 motion coprocessor to the iPhone 6, which best fits apps.

For those Android users who once jumped away from iOS and want to come back, this is the iPhone generation you have long been craving for. It is the best iPhone since the iPhone 5. This time, a larger screen, a speedy processor, NFC powered with Apple Pay, the extra customization features of iOS 8, and boasted-up storage tiers go farther to bridge up the featural gap with current top Android phones.

In a nutshell, the inception of the new smartphone iphone 6 has brought about frenziness in the market. It is better to grab the smartphone as soon as possible! Let us not lag behind in today’s techno-competitive world!

Author: sibal rashad

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