Advantages and Limitations of Free Unlocking Codes

On the web, there are practically thousands, even millions of search results that will show up when you type in ‘unlock mobile phone.’ Obviously, it has become a trend. A niche industry in the mobile phone realm has appeared and its aim is to provide tools and services for mobile phone users to unlock their phones and that is to say the millions of people across the world. As much as there are tons of tips and how to guides, there are some that offer paid services for their unlocking software. Some even lie to customers and lead them to the site only to find out that they have to pay to get the application.

There are some sites that can actually offer free unlocking codes to consumers like you and me. There are some underrated sites that offer decent services for older to newer phone models. There are some sites dedicated to a particular phone model such as Nokia and some can offer numerous other mobile phone brands. In these programs, you would normally type in important details. Some of them you have to search on your phone. The IMEI for example needs to be searched by typing in a command to reveal the numbers. The IMEI is the unique ID of every mobile phone and it determines your phone as a unique unit. You will also need to include your region or country, carrier, and model of phone. Generate the code and you are done. Use the code to easily unlock the phone.

Not all phones or units can be unlocked. There are particular units, those pre-released ones, or not for sale phones that cannot be unlocked. There are also some restrictions that only expert tech specialists can do. That means if the codes do not work twice at the most, do not push your luck. The phone will be locked by the carrier and you would have to settle for a call with the customer service to have it unlocked. That would be very embarrassing.

Getting the codes is one thing but unlocking the phone is another thing. For Blackberry (example) each model of mobile phone will have a different process that you have to follow in order to unlock it. That means you should research for your specific phone model. You can check forums for that. If you want to have it done easy breezy, paying the services of experts can be considered.

With so many options for you to choose from, finding the strategy can be pretty difficult. You have to be very careful with your choices so that you can effectively unlock the phone and enjoy using it with a new carrier.

Author: Prashant

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